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Church fully open! Join us!!

Posted : Jul-12-2021

The Archdiocese of Toronto has announced to all parishes the possibility of returning to full capacity from the beginning of March 2022. It has surely been a trying time for us all, and it is great to be able to safely come back to church.

This means we are back to usage of the church 100% and can also worship with our hearts and voice raised in songs.

Some few protocols that we have had in place while the pandemic raged will also be altered back to pre-pandemic times, as we carefully return our operations fully. Meetings can also be held in the halls, always pre-booked through the parish office.

We wish to thank you for your gracious patience while we all worked things out during this trying time. We seize this opportunity to welcome back our brethren who have been away for a while. We missed you! Great to have you back. Please reach out to your various ministries and groups as we now begin getting back to our full operations.

God bless us and keep us all.